TC77 – NI for Zone 2 / Div 2

Enterprise Ready
Rugged / Waterproof
Tool-less battery hot-swap
High End Imaging
High Performance

TC77-NI - the touch computer that has it all

The TC77-NI is the ultimate touch computer for your rugged environment and built to deliver the unstoppable performance you need.

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The TC77 – NI is built for the toughest conditions and certified to the strictest Ex safety standards for use in Zone 2 and Class I, II, III Div 2.

This professional-grade device married the intuitive and elegant smartphone experience with today’s most advanced enterprise-class features. Your workers get everything they need to work smarter and faster, able to deliver the kind of service that will put your business a step above the competition. You get an ultra-rugged device built to last for years with everything you need to streamline your workflows and maximize your return on investment.

Lightning-fast scanning performance and barcode capture

With our advanced features, your workers can capture data more accurately - and faster.

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Lightning-fast barcode capture
Zebra- only patented PRZM technology, a megapixel sensor, and advanced optics allow your workers to capture barcodes as fast as they can press the scan button.

Capture and process entire documents
Imagine if your workers could press a button and instantly capture and process all the information on a form? With SimulScan Document Capture, they can. Your workers can capture barcodes, text fields, phone numbers, images, signatures, and even check boxes. Data is properly formatted and sent to your applications for instant visibility. The result is a new level of process automation that will boost worker productivity.

Capture barcodes in virtually any condition 
The TC77-NI can handle it all – dirty, scratched, smudged and even poorly printed barcodes. The result? Your workers no longer need to manually enter barcode data, saving time, and eliminating the opportunity for data entry errors.

Extraordinary working range 
Workers can capture barcodes at near contact to as far as 81 cm away – making it easy to capture barcodes. Labels with multiple barcodes are no longer a challenge – workers can capture them all with one press of a scan button. And even large barcodes can be captured at close range.

OS flexibility - meets your technology and application needs

Choose the most advanced and intuitve mobile operating system - Android

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Every TC77 – NI ships with Zebra’s Mobility Extension (Mx), a series of features that make Android a more robust enterprise-class operating system. Mx minimizes IT support time and maximizes worker productivity and device uptime by providing better control of your mobile devices, application access, and Wi-Fi performance and security.

The fastest wireless connection in your thoughest environment

The TC77-NI keeps your workers connected to the information and people they need to maximize on-the-job efficiency and productivity.

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Fast and Dependable Wi-Fi
Inside the four walls the TC77-NI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/r/k/v/w support ensures the fastest Wi-Fi connection possible.

The World Fastest Cellular Connections
With 4G LTE support, the TC77-NI gives workers anywhere in the world a robust wireless connection on the world’s fastest cellular data network.

Product Specifications