The toughest touch computer for hazardous Zone 2/Div. 2 areas

High Performance
Sync to USB
Enterprise Ready
Dual Band Wifi

The toughest device at the hazardous market for Zone 2/Div. 2

In today's world, it takes the best customer service to earn a sale and repeat business. In order for your front line workers to consistently deliver that level of service, they'll need to execute every task as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a mobile computer in hand, they can. But you need a business-grade device with enterprise class durability and functionality. While workers inside the four walls and out in the field want a device that is every bit as refined and easy to use as their own personal smartphones and tablets

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The touch computer that has it all

This professional grade device marries the intuitive and elegant smartphone experience
with today’s most advanced enterprise- class features. Your workers get everything
they need to work smarter and faster, able to deliver the kind of service that
will put your business a step above the competition. You get a rugged device built
to last for years, only Android Mobile Enterprise operating systems, with everything
you need to streamline your workfows and maximize your return on investment
– from world-class voice and data features to snap-on accessories that let you add
new capabilities, when and where you need them.

Lightning-fast barcode capture

Regardless of your industry, your products are on the move all day, every day. Associates and customers are handling inventory in the retail store. Delivery drivers are moving orders in and out of delivery truck. And field service personnel are constantly stocking and moving the parts and tools inventory in the back of the truck. Damage to the barcode labels on your products is inevitable. But when you choose the TC75, you get industry-leading barcode technology that can handle it all– dirty, scratched, smudged and even poorly printed barcodes. The result? Your workers no longer need to manually enter barcode data, saving time and eliminating the opportunity for data entry errors.

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Extraordinary scanning flexibility

With a 50 percent increase in scanning range over our prior generation scanner, workers can capture barcodes at near contact to as far as 32 in./81 cm away – making it easy to take inventory and capture barcodes on items in carts in a retail store. Labels with multiple barcodes are no longer a challenge – workers can capture them all with one press of a scan button. And even large barcodes can be captured at close range.

Let your workers change input modes on the fly

Throughout the day, your workers will perform different tasks. Our dual mode capacitive touch display allows workers to choose their preferred pair of data input modes – finger and stylus, or finger and gloved finger – and switch between the two modes on the fly.* No need to change settings – and users can change pair selection at any time. *Glove support and dual mode touch panel are available on Android only.

The right device for your and your business

The TC75 gives your workers an edge by combining the amazing ease of use of a consumer device with the no-nonsense durability, dependability and performance that enterprises demand. With industrial grade connections, the TC75 is ready for years of insertions into cradles and connections to cables – unlike consumer grade connectors, which can wear out quickly

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Drop tested

Everyday drops are inevitable – the TC75 is ready to handle them all with its 8 ft./ 2.4 m Military Standard drop rating or multiple 6 ft./1.8 m to concrete certification.

Tumble tested

The TC75 easily handles the real-world tumbling that often happens after a device is dropped. Even after 2,000 consecutive 3.2 ft./1 m hits in our punishing tumble drum, the TC75 continues to operate dependably.

IP67 sealing

Dust, spilled beverages and even a drop in a bucket of water are no match for
the TC75. The device is dust-tight and sealed to handle 30 minutes of complete
immersion in water.