An unprecedented powerful platform

Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

The Impact X intrinsically safe smartphone is a very powerful product, both on the inside and on the outside. It has the latest processors and software. Rugged, waterproof, lightweight aluminum chassis, as well as ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 certification makes it the most versatile smartphone ever built

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Immune to the elements

The Impact X is ruggedized to an extent that makes it able to take almost any challenge the environment might throw at it. It is impact, drop, dust, corrosion, water and explosion proof. It also has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It has a special glass sealing method with IP68 Corning Gorilla glass (2mm thick) and a Sunlight readable IPS display.

Powered by Android

Android is the preferred operating system for mobile devices. The reason is simple, running Android, the Impact X is secure, stable, updated and you have access to a huge library of applications. Bring any app into hazardous areas, including a wide range of value adding applications and services, such as mobility and ERP solutions, device management, video conferencing applications and every other Android app. We offer Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with upgrade path to Android M (6.0 Marshmallow) and Android N (7.0 Nougat)

No compromises

The Impact X has all the functionality you will expect from a regular smartphone. The IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certification has not compromised the quality and usability. The device is explosion proof and rated for use in hazardous areas. The Impact X has also received the Award for Design Excellence.

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Machined from Aluminum

The Impact X chassis is machined from one piece of high quality Norwegian aluminum in order to provide the ruggedness, durability and high quality feel the product deserves. It is fitted with rubber details and raised buttons made out of a durable but yet comfortable material. This is arguably the toughest smartphone ever built!

Wearable kit

Hands-free operation is often required when working in the hazardous area. This is why we have developed a wearability kit that enables Impact X to be mounted on a wrist cradle and the Orbit X to be mounted on a helmet, headset, wall mount, or telescopic pole. The result is a completely wireless and hands free mobile worker kit.

Class leader on software updates

A mobile device is not better than the software it runs. BARTEC PIXAVI mobile device will get free software updates for many years to come. We release security patches shortly after release from Google, making our device the safest on the market

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Software and Security updates also included

Software updates are important for security, but it also offers new functionality, better battery capacity and user friendliness. Get the latest software by using the “Software Update” app on your BARTEC PIXAVI device.

Enterprise adapted Apps

Today’s workers expects the same snappy performance in their enterprise apps as they do at home when playing Angry Birds. The Impact X can help organizations realize their mobility strategies by offering the horsepower to run any App developed for Android. For example ERP, RFID and Barcode Reading, video conferencing and device management to mention a few. This means new usage scenarios and applications in many industries. The custom-built video conferencing application called “SIPIDO”, allows the user to conduct live video conferencing sessions and stream video from the field. Work smarter and solve problems remotely, without having to send experts and technicians to the site. This saves travel costs and time. This device as an enabler for many smart innovations within hazardous areas. It gives the user an unprecedented versatile and powerful platform.


Product Specifications