Revolutionary camera for image and video capture in hazardous areas

High quality results from a user friendly product

Full HD 1080p video and 8 Mpix image capture, high end optics and super fast zoom and auto focus makes the Gravity X a very powerful product. The product enables high quality still image, audio and video capture in hazardous areas and immediately upload and store them to a network or computer. The camera also has a high capacity battery, fast auto focus lens and high resolution image sensors. The camera has an extremely light sensitive image sensor as well as a powerful LED light, enabling it to take great images in dark and confined spaces. The Gravity X intrinsically safe camera replaces the Xcorder EX4000 camera.

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Your friend in the field

Ruggedized and Ex certified products have always been associated with low performance and outdated technology as well as bulky form factors. We wanted to change that! Our customers came to us and said they wanted the same performance and form factor in their rugged devices as they have in their consumer devices. They also wanted some additional features that no other camera has, and we made it happen. For example, the boot time is just 0,5 seconds, and the dedicated camera button allows the user to quickly and easily take images on the spot. The camera is fitted with a rugged strap mount or increased availability and dropped object safety.

Video and Imaging centric

We designed the camera with touch industrial environments in mind, where battery lifetime, ruggedness, sunlight readability and camera performance are essential. To ensure that the product achieves professional grade photography, we decided to add a dedicated camera button. The button has a two step procedure where the AE parameters are set before you fire the shot, much like your DSLR camera.

Machined from Aluminium

The Gravity X chassis is machined from one piece of high quality Norwegian aluminium in order to provide the ruggedness and high quality feel the product deserves. It is designed in cooperation with offshore workers and descends from a long tradition of Ex certified products designed by BARTEC PIXAVI in Norway.

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Android operating system

Android is the leading mobile operating system today. Android enables a high performance media framework and easy to use, intuitive interfaces. The operating system is quick, familiar, and customizable. Android is easily updated, secure and future-proof. There is a growing community of app developers, which allows for customizations and new functionality. The Gravity X is a stripped down version of the Impact X, where we have removed the 3G wireless and SIM card capabilities to enable a lower price. We could easily have called it a mini-tablet, since it has all the same functionality as a Android tablet.


Product Specifications