BCS3600 NI for Zone 2 / Div 2

The BCS3600 NI series - designed to work in your toughest conditions

The BCS3600 NI series is a new class of scanners built to deliver the unstoppable performance you need in the most demanding business environment.

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The BCS3600 NI series is built for the toughest conditions and certified to the strictest Ex safety standards for use in Zone 2 and Class I, Div 2 areas.

The ultra-rugged design for unprecedented durability paired with a superior scanning performance on virtually any barcode and unrivaled management tools make the BCS3600 NI series your partner to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Superior scanning performance

The BCS3600 NI can scan faster and farther than other scanners in their category with productivity-enhancing features that set a new standard.

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Capture any barcode in any condition
Virtually any barcode can be captured in virtually any condition – scratched, dirty, poorly printed, and even under shrinkwrap or frost. The result? First time every time scanning eliminating the everyday exceptions that drive time and costs into your business.

The widest working range in their class
The SE4750 and SE4850 scan engine enable workers to scan just as accurately and quickly both near and far, across the entire working range of the device from a distance of 7.6cm up to 21.4 m.

Capture up to 20 barcodes with a single press of the trigger
Our powerful time-saving Multi-code feature is perfect for those labels that contain many barcodes. One press of the scan trigger captures and transmits the data instantly to the right field in the right applications.

Capture printed and electronic barcodes
The BCS3600 NI series can capture barcodes that are printed or display on any computer screen. Even if you don’t use electronic barcodes today, you are ready for the future.

Ultra-rugged excellence

Explosion protection is our core competency. We work with the strictest and most renowned notified bodies in the market and aim to follow the latest version of the Ex standard.

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An ultra-rugged design for unprecedented durability
The BCS3600 NI series redefines what it means to be rugged in hazardous areas. The scanner will continue to perform at peak levels even when dropped to cement, exposed to dust and dirt, and used in rain and snow. The BCS3600 NI was built to not just withstand punishing conditions, but to excel in them.

Unrivaled management tool

Managing scanners can be time-consuming and costly. That's why the BCS3600 NI series comes with a set of Zebra tools that take the complexity out of end-to-end scanner management.

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Easy configuration with Zebra’s 123 Scan tool
Creating and distributing configuration files or barcodes to simplify stating and updating processes. As well as updating firmware and parameters without losing any seeing in an easy task for 123 Scan.

Easy remote management with Scanner Management Service (SMS)
SMS lets your customers customize scanner parameters and update firmware remotely – no depot staging, user action, barcode scanning or management console required.

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