Routine maintenance tasks are performed in the Oil and Gas industry every day, to ensure good operational performance. Having experienced engineers overseeing a routine maintenance tasks add to the value of the work, ensuring that maintenance tasks are done properly. Having the maintenance routines documented and available valuable for audits, reporting and planning.


BARTEC products are used to document, communicate and film prior to and during maintenance work. Using BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices leaves the engineer “hands-free” to perform the needed work. All maintenance work can be recorded and viewed for documentation and training purposes later. Maintenance tasks can be planned using videos to explain the work to be done.



High definition SIP video conferencing for collaboration. The camera can be used for for documentation, image, storage and video sharing. The user have direct access to online documentation for data sheets and procedures. Fix any problem with pre-given or real time collaborative instruction sessions. Fewer personnel exposed to risk and reduced room for error.


Using the available networks, either 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, the technician is able to connect to an onshore expert easily and securely. The information is available in any browser or any video conference system at any time.



  • 10 video enabled devices from BARTEC PIXAVI
  • 12 routine maintenance trips per year, each with 3 days duration, 3 engineers per issue
  • 0 helicopter and 0 PSV trips (scheduled inspection)
  • 0 days downtime or production stop avoided (routine, scheduled)
  • Investment: 27 400 USD upfront + 12 775 USD running costs per year
  • Documentation costs also saved
  • Basis for ROI calculations below found here


Man Hours 432 000 USD
Total 432 000 USD
ROI 33 days
Annual cost reduction 419 225 USD