Hands on experience is an important building block in training professionals. Having the possibility to let trainees experience certain situations in a live environment and being transported into the target environment in a high quality and immersive way is more efficient training.


Educators in the field can use BARTEC products to transmit, voice and video back to a classroom, while describing and showing a work routine. New employees can in return ask questions to the field professional in real time.



High definition SIP video conferencing for collaboration. The camera can be used for for documentation, image, storage and video sharing. The user have direct access to online documentation for data sheets and procedures. Fix any problem with pre-given or real time collaborative instruction sessions. Fewer personnel exposed to risk and reduced room for error.


Using the available networks, either 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, the technician is able to connect to an onshore expert easily and securely. The information is available in any browser or any video conference system at any time.




  • 2 video enabled devices from BARTEC PIXAVI
  • 1 learning / field per year avoided
  • 1 helicopter and 0 PSV trips
  • 0 days downtime or production stop avoided
  • Investment: 5 480 USD upfront + 1 277 USD running costs per year
  • Basis for ROI calculations below found here


Man Hours 12 000 USD
Transport 22 000 USD
Total 34 000 USD
ROI 72 days
Annual cost reduction 32 722 USD


  • Accelerated learning
  • Higher level of educated professionals
  • Lower training costs
  • Constant availability (24/7) of learning sessions