Mobility DNA is a unique software ecosystem developed by Zebra Technologies. It transforms the user-friendly Android™ platform into an enterprise-ready mobile solution.

The challenges of managing a fleet of mobile computers can affect productivity, staff motivation, and security. Mobility DNA has been specifically designed to make managing enterprise mobility far easier, maximizing productivity whilst fortifying Android™ for enterprise use.

Mobility DNA provides a range of applications that focus on five key areas: business tools, productivity, central management, development, and security. All applications work together seamlessly to take the hard work out of enterprise mobile management.

Zebra Technologies and BARTEC

We partner with leading mobile device manufacturer Zebra Technologies to modify their rugged devices to become certified for use in potentially explosive environments – making them Intrinsically Safe or Non-Incendive. We ensure that the energy of the electrical components within them is limited, making it impossible for them to heat up or spark in hazardous environments.

All BARTEC devices from Zebra Technologies come preinstalled with Mobility DNA, so users benefit from safety in potentially explosive areas, as well as increased productivity for the workforce.

Transform team communication

Improve the flow of information across your business using Workforce Connect within Mobility DNA and unify your workers into one, highly productive team. With one single device, your workers can access all enterprise data and applications whilst also communicating with their colleagues at the touch of a button.

From Push-to-Talk calls to texts and voice calls, your workers will find a way to communicate that suits them, maximizing productivity, responsiveness, and worker motivation.

Access a range of apps

Mobility DNA delivers a wide range of powerful productivity apps through the user-friendly Android™ interface. This allows you to power-up your mobile device network with additional functionality and increases productivity while benefiting from the easy and familiar adoption of Android™. Workers will pick up and use the new apps quickly and easily with minimal requirement for training, whilst drastically improving the user experience and delivering valuable efficiencies.

Just a few of the Mobility DNA productivity tools include:

  • Scan apps for improved data capture; simultaneously scanning up to 100 barcodes in just a few seconds with Swipe Assist.
  • Power Precision allows you to proactively manage batteries across your entire mobile workforce. By identifying batteries that are approaching end-of-life just before they actually get there, you minimize downtime.
  • Enabling the Enterprise Keyboard for operational efficiencies with a keyboard that’s easier to use and more relevant to enterprise-scale operations.
  • The Device Diagnostics tool can help you identify whether an issue with a device can be easily remedied on-site or whether it needs to be sent away for repair. This maximizes device availability whilst reducing costs of repair and interruptions to workflows.
  • Terminal Emulation converts legacy green screens into touch-screen technology, modernizing the user experience with no coding required.

Centralize control

Managing a large number of mobile devices over a wide geographic area can be a logistical challenge, but it needn’t be. With the management tools built into Mobility DNA, you can streamline and simplify tasks, and increase the visibility of all devices at any one time.

Plus, you can control how your workers use their devices by creating an enterprise home screen with an easy administrator tool built into the management platform. Also, streamline deployment, locate missing devices and improve Wi-Fi connectivity with WorryFree WiFi.

By centralizing device management, your IT team will have more control without complexity, making their job easier while radically increasing productivity for your workers on the ground.

And with easy tools for your developers to create intuitive mobile apps, you’ll be able to customize the solution to meet your workers’ particular needs and maximize the value of your mobile devices.

Keep everyone safe

With Mobility DNA, security is not forgotten either. It fortifies Android for enterprise use, with greater control, government-grade encryption, and risk protection.

Of course, safety is at the heart of everything BARTEC does – it’s why we exist. By partnering with Zebra Technologies, we combine safety in potentially explosive areas with hardware and software innovations to drive your workforce into new realms of productivity, safely.

We provide the perfect solutions for companies operating in hazardous area classifications who are seeking to streamline operations and improve workforce efficiencies.

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