Efficient operations in warehouse and logistics are crucial to success.

When operations run smoothly: inventory is managed well to eliminate any shortages on goods, tracking and tracing of components is made easy, and production dates are upheld.

But when logistics and warehouses are run inefficiently, production and supply chain can quickly take notice of each problem in the process. Shortages on components, production under-utilization, and waste of floor space can suggest that the logistical process cannot deliver components promptly. Leaving the production and customers with a poor company image which can lead to reduced trust. 

This is already a challenge in industrial warehouses, but can be an even bigger challenge for logistical processes in hazardous areas. But it doesn’t have to add another level of complexity to your operations. By simply trusting BARTEC products that are made to support you in your daily operations in hazardous areas

During the process of defining your goals to become a paperless operation in potentially explosive atmospheres, and modernizing your daily process, take the time to consider the following points:

Safety first – when selecting the appropriate hardware for your logistical process in hazardous areas, the first priority should always be safety. What are the ex requirements? Which zone (Zone 1 /Zone 2) will the device be used in? BARTEC’s first and foremost priority is the safety and integrity of our devices. We are working with the most renowned notified bodies to set the highest possible standards for our certification. A BARTEC device will always be a safe choice, no matter the environment

Are you unfamiliar with Ex-requirements and the importance of explosion protection? Read this post to understand more about hazardous areas and the need for intrinsically safe and non-incendive devices. 

Find the best fit – hardware and software technology has transformed the possibilities in the warehouse and logistical operations. Leaving companies that continue to rely on paper-based methods behind the competition. But software is only half the solution. Getting key data into the system requires fast scanning and reliable hardware, such as the MC93-NI mobile computer – a proven solution for hazardous areas, barcode scanners such as the BCS3600 series for Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments, or the TC75X-NI – an all touch solution. 

Streamline processes – warehouse and logistics workers can spend tremendous amounts of time traveling across the site, wasting valuable time. By maximizing the productivity of existing workers, costs can be effectively managed by optimizing performance. According to the latest Zebra Warehousing Vision Study, 80% of the interviewed customers said they plan to utilize tasks within the next five years. 
The combination of streamlined processes and the suitable hardware for hazardous areas makes it possible to increase the productivity in operations.

BARTEC offers a variety of devices with different form factors and data capture capability – from tablets (Agile Series) to handheld computers (MC93ex-NI and TC75X-NI) and barcode scanners (BCS3600-series) – to cater the different barcode scanning needs. 

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