Handheld devices are fantastic for increasing operational efficiency and data accuracy but there’s a catch. Electrical devices can produce sparks, which in combination with an explosive atmosphere (or hazardous location as it is more commonly known) can cause a fire or an explosion. This endangers business continuity, company property and infrastructure, and even puts lives at risk.

This is why typically, many organizations operating in sectors such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals still use pen and paper, yet this puts them at a disadvantage in terms of effectiveness, agility and competitiveness.

Human error is increased by using pen and paper and it slows companies down.

This is where BARTEC comes in. We are one of the world’s leading providers of innovative safety technology in hazardous areas.

  • – BARTEC was founded in 1975 with the development and production of a switch to reduce or eliminate the risk of explosions at petrol stations.
  • – For more than 45 years, BARTEC – now employing over 1800 staff in more than 40 locations worldwide has been developing solutions for hazardous areas that are sold globally.
  • – For more than 25 years, BARTEC has been one of the leaders in industrial digitalization for hazardous areas by developing solutions for mobile devices.
  • – Plus, with almost five decades of experience, BARTEC’s portfolio has developed to incorporate partnerships with leading device manufacturers, such as Zebra Technologies, to provide customers with workplace devices for potentially explosive areas.

Who we work with
We work closely with customers across a range of sectors where a flammable or explosive incident could occur. This includes:

  • Distilleries, where highly flammable ethanol vapor is present
  • Mining, where naturally occurring hydrocarbon gases and coal/coal dust is present
  • Food processing companies, where additives can increase the risk of fires
  • Airports, where high volumes of fuel and extensive use of polymers and composites are present
  • Oil and gas industry, where gases, vapors, and hydrogen sulfide can be released from wells, trucks, production equipment or surface equipment such as tanks and shale shakers
  • Chemical environments, where flammable substances, acrylic acid, and crude oil are present
  • Petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors, where toxic or flammable materials are present and chemical reactions are carried out

What we do
We develop innovative products and solutions to prevent explosions wherever hazardous substances such as flammable gases, vapors, mists or dusts are present. Put simply, this means we are able to provide our customers with safe mobile devices to help them become more efficient and productive, without the risk of fire or explosion.

How we work
As a world market leader for solutions in hazardous environments, we ensure that our barcode scanners, mobile computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras, and also wireless solutions, are completely safe for use in potentially explosive workplaces.

We partner with global experts Zebra Technologies to modify ultra-rugged enterprise-class mobile devices to be certified by the strictest and most renowned notified bodies, for safe use in hazardous areas.

This means our customers can say goodbye to pen and paper and all the associated inefficiencies – and begin to use technology that facilitates better business processes, safely.

The result?
By modifying leading mobile devices to prevent sparking or heating up, we are able to:

  • Improve the safety of people and the environment in potentially hazardous environments
  • Significantly increase the operational efficiency, productivity, accuracy and data visibility within those companies

If customers are accustomed to using Zebra Technologies devices in the industrial environment, they can expect the same quality and accessible software solutions, following modification and certification by BARTEC. The functionality and form factor remain exactly the same, aside from being modified and certified to meet stringent safety requirements. These include ATEX – the EU standard, IECEx – a globally accepted standard, and NEC – the standard for the US and Canada, as well as other local standards.

Compare the appearance and capability of a Zebra device, before and after we have modified it, and it looks and works exactly the same. It’s what’s inside that matters in hazardous environments and that’s where we truly add value – by providing a safe handheld solution with uncompromised functionality.

A long-term partnership
BARTEC’s clients benefit from using safe enterprise mobility solutions, even in potentially explosive areas of their business. Plus they gain expertise from the excellent long-term business partnership between BARTEC and Zebra Technologies. This meeting of minds and knowledge sharing between two market leaders ultimately benefits customers across a wide range of sectors working in potentially dangerous environments.

Do you need to implement mobile technologies in potentially explosive environments? Contact our team for hazardous area-safe solutions:


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