The recently opened Lefdal Mine Datacentre are using the Orbit X for live video streaming from the underground datacenter to serve clients globally. The data centre is unique in the world, offering high speed, low cost and green data centre solutions. Being in a remote part of western Norway has its benefits, but it is also far from many clients. Therefore the operator wanted to bring the datacenter to the clients around the world using video conferencing and telepresence.

Lefdal Mine chose BARTEC PIXAVI since they need a reliable, rugged and high quality wireless device that can stream video to any location. The mine has Wi-Fi access points which can be used to stream video from the Orbit X.

Mats Andersson, Marketing Director at Lefdal Mine says; “we have borrowed technology from the offshore sector”… “people can sit all over the world from their laptop and call in to our engineers on the ground, this is a way to bring the datacenter to our customers”. Lefdal Mine also partners with Tampnet to offer high speed connectivity to clients in Europe. See the full webcast here.

The datacenter uses BARTEC PIXAVI technology for many use cases including:

  • Have access to staff 24/7
  • Get video stream live from the site to clients
  • Management and integration
  • Performance improvement
  • Risk Management and Quality Control
  • Monitoring and maintenance