Collaboration X

After receiving valuable customer feedback and through internal testing we are happy to introduce a few changes to our Collaboration X offering. Collaboration X is a software serving multiple purposes which can be divided into three main features:

1) Configuration and Setup
2) Dedicated Video Conferencing Services (PRO)
3) Media Library

Introducing Collaboration X PRO

To make it easier to start with mobile video conferencing, we are now introducing Collaboration X PRO which includes everything you need to convert your BARTEC PIXAVI device to a HD telepresence endpoint.

Collaboration X PRO is a service which includes all you need to start a video conferencing call with up to 5 other participants at one time, without any expensive investments. One of the biggest challenges today within videoconferencing is to get everyone to use the same proprietary solution. With Collaboration X PRO this is no longer an issue. The Virtual Meeting Room technology allows users to call in via several different solutions, being Skype/Skype for business, Lync, Spark, Chrome/Firefox (browsers) or a H.323/SIP video conferencing end point. You are not required to invest in any servers or expensive licenses.

Collaboration X PRO offer

  • Support for Skype 4 Business, Skype, Lync, WebRTC, SIP and H.323
  • Cloud based, scalable and customizable
  • Compatible with all BARTEC PIXAVI devices
  • Up to 5 simultaneous participants (upgrade to 25 if needed)
  • Screen sharing from computer (using WebRTC)
  • Add on features: recording and streaming
  • Encrypted (HTTPS)

Available in most commonly used browsers, no installation needed

Support for Skype 4 Business, Skype, Lync, WebRTC, SIP and H.323

How it works

Collaboration X PRO can be compared to a mobile phone subscription. We are offering you one subscription per device for a monthly fee. The subscription includes access to the Virtual Meeting Room where 5 participants can log in simultaneously. This is a dedicated meeting room hosted on a cloud server which is available 24/7.

Your BARTEC PIXAVI device will be set up with a dedicated SIP address (almost like a phone number) and you will receive a dedicated Virtual Meeting Room which has an address you can provide to the other attendees. You can choose your own name for the meeting room. Pricing is available through your local BARTEC office. Learn more about Collaboration X PRO here!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!